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Although originally from Philadelphia, I spent much of my formative years in New England, which drew me to Connecticut College, where I pursued Architectural Studies and Philosophy.  Since graduating, I have spent 11 years traveling domestically and internationally to follow personal curiosities, professional opportunities, and academic inquiries. 

Most recently, I was living on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas.  For nearly six years, I worked at the Deep Creek Middle School.  Initially I taught social studies and art.  Wanting to contribute to the broader vision and future planning of the school, I began initiatives and took on administrative positions, including director of development, acting principal, and community development coordinator.  To learn more, read my LinkedIn Profile. 

I am currently working towards a Masters of Arts in Fine Arts and Integrated Arts Education through the University of Montana.  This program recognizes how essential the arts are to the cognitive, social, and emotional development of people at all stages of life and ways to better integrate the arts into education and society.  As my Master's Thesis, I have developed a diverse portfolio of artwork, so that I can live these principles, while creating work for myself and providing service for others.  Now back in New England, living in Portland Maine, I am building community, while merging my artistic drive and entrepreneurial spirit to realize the aesthetics of simplicity and share it with others.